Save your Business

Manage your devices fleet, from smartphones to computers, without losing productivity

We take care of your whole fleet

We repair over 100 device models !

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Our value proposition

Monthly payment

Pay only for what you need. No fees, no addionnal surprises. At the end of the month

Track your devices in one place

Get a full visibility of your devices fleet in our online platform. Follow your repairs and orders. Everywhere. At any time.

One year Warranty

All our repairs come with a one-year warranty. If you have an issue, get an express repair. For free.

Express repairs

20 minutes on corner. 2 heures to a day by express courrier. One week by mailbox. Don't lose time, and productivity

Swap your devices

Your devices are getting old, we give them a second life. Save takes all your devices back and replace them with new ones. Without engagement.

Protect your devices

Why don't you protect your devices, no make sure you never have to come back for repairs ;) Personnalize them if you want ;)

Never let them down

Save is partner with the Paris Cancer Ligue Committee. Engage with us by giving them your old smartphones, we will buy them back to finance Young cancer holidays.

Small / Big Business

We don't make differences between small and big companies. Get the same service.

At your service by all means.

At a store

  • Without appointment
  • Before your eyes*
  • Usually within 20 minutes*

By mail

  • Free service
  • By post
  • With order tracking

By courier

  • Free service
  • No need to leave home
  • On the same day

They trust us.

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