Select the issue of your Sony Xperia Z

Dock Connector

Your device no longer charges when plugged in? We'll replace your device's connector

Display Unit

Your glass has shattered or your screen is broken? It no longer displays colours correctly? We'll replace it.


You don't know what the problem is? We'll take care of it.


Your device's battery runs down quickly or randomly? Your device won't switch on or switches off for no reason? We'll repair it.

SIM Reader

Your device doesn't recognize your SIM card any more? We'll repair it.


Your device only works with a single operator? We'll unlock it.


Your device has taken in water and works badly or not at all? We'll do our best to revive it.


You can't hear the person you're talking to/you have no sound when making a call? We can rescue your device.

Power Control

The power button on your device no longer works, or is stuck? We'll replace it.

Back Cover

Your device's back cover is cracked or broken? We'll replace it.

Mute Control (Switch Button)

Your device no longer vibrates or only very slightly? We'll replace it.

Software Operation

Your device is slow or you just want to update your OS, recover or migrate your data to a new hard drive? Our experts can help you to find the best solution.

Jack Plug

Your device's jack plug no longer works when you plug in a cable? We'll replace it.


Your device's microphone no longer works and the person you're talking to can't hear you? We'll take care of it.

Back Camera

You can't take any photos or they're blurry/marked? We'll replace it.

Front Camera

Your camera no longer works? We'll change it.


Volume Control

Your device's volume button no longer works? You can't change the sound? We'll replace it.

1-year warranty on parts and labour
Repair in less than 20mn
Free assistance for 1 year